Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good news day.

What was I thinking with this title, it turned out that it was NOT a good news day.
I start entering news or updates on my blog during the day and download it the following day.  Thus, the discrepancy now and then between today, yesterday and tomorrow.

--The lumber guy said he was coming this afternoon with my panels, but he never called and never showed.
--I toyed with the idea of making the photo book myself, and to that end, I looked at HP's creation section and they are with Snapfish.  I found that I could make the book with Snapfish the way I want to do it and have been playing with that software today and having a good time.  Hopefully, I'll like the final product.  After creating half the book, I couldn't find it again on Snapfish, but I had it saved on my hard drive, so was able to bring it up with HP creations.  Then I had some troubles because some of the previous backgrounds were changing on their own as I progressed.  Then I saved with each page, and finally finished all the photo sections.  I only have a few pages of text and I'll be done.  I'm not sure how it works from here as you can even print it yourself, but I'd rather send it off.
--I realized that I should devote a page on my website to this finished project and will work on that later.
--I was able to work with George a little yesterday and will work on his portrait again later today.
--Tomorrow I have to do another adhesive test, this time with the 8 foot banner.  I'm testing 2-sided tape and Command poster strips.  The library absolutely doesn't want anything put directly on their walls.  This vinyl sign would not look right if it was hung by it's corners with string.

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