Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard coming, and thinking about the year ahead.

New Business
Try a little confabulation.

Old Business
One more artist dropped off her work.  
We have a big blizzard warning so now the installation might be postponed again.  
I'm ready, that's all that counts.

I'm running around doing a few things before the snow starts, and found that my car battery was dead, called AAA, replaced the battery.  
I tested out the trunk and I think that the automatic feature only works when it's about a few inches from closing, so loading up by project to take it to the library should work out OK. 

It will feel really good to clean up and get organized again, and I can work on my 'first of the year' things that I didn't have time to do because of these portraits.

I have about 3 weeks before the reception so preparing for that should be fairly stress-free.

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