Saturday, January 24, 2015


Finally, the lumber guy came!  The job was not done accurately, but I can (and more or less must) live with it.  At least the price was right.  And free delivery 5 days late.

So I'm preparing to get the boards completed.  Here are the tiny actual photos of the people.  These will be placed in the right bottom corners of each 12x12" painting on the backer boards.  I really don't want to clutter up the boards with their names.  Their names are on these small photos but fairly hard to see.  There will be flyers with a list of names.  It's not so much about who they are, what their names are, but it's about the portraits.
Naturally, Murphy's Law prevailed and I needed to buy more ink.

The boards weigh a bit more than I expected so I'm off to Lowes to get sturdier hardware and wire before I go any further.  I did create the signage on one of the boards--it was a vinyl sign by Right on the Walls.

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