Saturday, January 3, 2015

Research day

I had some appointments and couldn't get started very early, so then I started to look up and write to people about various ways of attaching my boards to the backer board.  Various art sites didn't reveal anything I did't already know about.  I wrote to some companies and hope they have some ideas.  I had ordered some adhesive hangers and they came in, I experimented, and they didn't work.  I ordered some other ones today and in the meantime I have another experiment to conduct.  I remember once I had a very heavy thing I was mounting and I tried about six methods before I landed on something that worked but it was a permanent attachment, this one can't be. So they have industrial extreme strength Velcro, check this out here.
The famous Rose Frantzen mounted her panels the way I'd like to hang mine, on a backer board, from which I'm sure they were later removed.  I tried to reach her, but could not get a contact address anywhere.  I can write to her husband, but that might not be the right thing to do.  Katie Swatland might be helpful.  I could try that.
I did talk with my mill work guy a week ago and wanted to email him the drawings and specs for the mounting boards I want him to do, but he never sent his email address.  All his mailboxes were full and I haven't been able to reach him, so I bit the bullet and drove up there.  His grandson is taking over for him at this location in New Hampshire and he is working at the other location in NY.  I gave the specs to Nick, the grandson, and now I feel a bit more relieved about getting that part of the project done.  Luckily someone was there, but I would have left it in the mail slot.
So then I cooked up some meals for the week ahead, and thought about my approach for tomorrow.

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