Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making headway - 11 days to go.

Yesterday was a good painting day, of the five portraits that weren't finished, I worked on three paintings and finished two of them.  The third one will be done today and then I have two more to work on and if I have any luck by tomorrow I'll only have one left.  Who knows, with some luck I could be finished today.

I'm hoping to get the photos done today of the finished works and get busy with the photo book.

I hadn't heard from my wood guy and yesterday I asked my husband if he thought the wood guy would do the job, and he said, no I don't think so.  I was starting to think the same thing.  But this morning I heard from him and he's working on them today!

My print orders are starting to arrive and I've created all the other publication materials I'll need for the show, so as soon as I can get to the store to buy some printer ink, I'll run everything off.

What's left?  Well, I have many types of adhesives, some of them will work, so I still haven't tested all of them.  I'm trying to preserve the mounting boards to reuse them as actual painting surfaces, but if all else fails, I'll just have to use screws and repair the backer boards before using them as painting surfaces.

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