Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another day in limbo.

--I met with one of the artists for the library show who has a lot of paintings to be sure we arrange things to everyone's best advantage.
--The exhibition coordinator called to say that the installation date has been changed by two more days, so I'm coordinating on my end with the artists and the new drop off date.
--I still couldn't get in touch with my lumber guy, so I went up there to pick them up myself with my big car.  He wasn't there and my job was no where in sight.  Seriously, I should have made them myself--it would have been quicker and less aggravating.  He probably has them on his truck.  The mystery continues.
--I worked more on the photo book pages that are being prepared in Photoshop and I'm almost done.
--When I went to do the photo book, I found that the companies all have themes and other choices that do not work for what I want to do.  Very disappointing.
--I did another test of removing the torn off clumps of masonite from the painted plywood and getting the silicone off the masonite panel.

Using a product called Goo Gone, I applied some to the spots with a Q Tip and let it set for maybe 5 minutes.  Then with a razor scraper I was able to remove everything without any trouble and the surface remained unscarred.  That was a surprise.  So using the tiniest amount of silicone might be a good solution for a somewhat permanent application with floating frames.

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