Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Webbing daily and the COLOR RED


Read the Robert Genn article this week and find out that: As a colourant for Cherry Coke, beetle blood is known as "Colour Additive E120." Processed meats are full of it.

How about that?
My goal to get my new website completed is still on track and after spending tons of time working in Photoshop with the header idea I had, I may scrap it in favor of "simple" after all--not because of the design and I really like my artful header, but for the acceptability or current approval factor the simple design for art sites.

Concurrent and somewhat urgent goals are to enter two paintings into the regional show which will require that they get photoed, inventoried and framed.  I can't decide what I want for frames.  The yellow flower painting on stretched canvas can easily go into a natural floater frame, but the red flower painting on board is another matter.  I'm thinking I'll experiment with the idea of inserting from the front with about 1/8" allowance around it, into a regular frame or double frame--kind of like this, note the mounting.
The next decision is, "What color to make the frame"?  It's a somewhat dark painting.  Here is a picture of it before it was finished.
I'm thinking a medium shade of a warm brown.  I don't know if I'll make it or try to paint something that I can purchase but this size frame is not common to find.

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