Friday, February 21, 2014

Mounds Bar today on DPW

I've been painting up a storm, well, trying to keep up with the weather outside anyway.  It's actually getting up over the freezing mark today and tomorrow.  That will be exciting.  It's raining but I don't care, I just like it warm.  I started a Baby Ruth candy bar and another flower painting.  I worked on the garden fairy, it's really in it's last stages at this point.  Almost ready for prime time.  I worked on the blue lace cap hydrangea, and it's just about finished also.  Too bad I'm off today to the Addison Museum as I'd get a lot of painting done.  I already posted this morning on DPW, etc. and trying to keep up with the administrative aspect of this artist business.  Go to my DPW site to see that I've been faithful about posting, some are auctions and some are straight up postings. 

Are we ever finished with a painting?  I keep going back--giving them another nudge.

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