Saturday, February 8, 2014

Father of Animation

This is a very early video which explains how animation began.  Scroll down to the video section.
Father of Animation Video

Today I'm headed down to Newburyport Art Association to check out the new Winter Juried Show.
I'm fairly happy to report that I have almost completed my new web page, at least to the extent that I can before publishing it with the correct web address and paying the small monthly fee to get added features to work.  I had to conform to their formatting for now, and later I can become more proficient at using code to improve it.
The other matter that I must contend with today is organizing my photos in Photoshop which, over time, have become so scrambled that I can't find anything anymore.  I started yesterday and have a good plan and this will enable me to move ahead more easily with various postings I'll be doing.  I'm making a new FB fan page to go along with my DPW membership.

I'm surprised to see that I have 10,000 page views on my adventures blog today.  Wow.

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