Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Painted all day today

Well, not exactly true, first I had to do all kinds of computer work to post things here, there, and everywhere.  So now this daily blog is kind of a relief to write as it's casual, sort of not part of my work day.
Well, I completed three paintings that were in process.  Like cleaning house I guess.  Now I can start something new.  When my student was here this week, I didn't paint as we were struggling with how to paint folds in fabric.  I mentioned before that I was tiling my kitchen backsplash with all my 6x6 paintings.  Now I'm thinking that I'll do a big one for behind the range, maybe encase it in epoxy, but actually sealing it with varnish works fine too for cleaning purposes.  I've had a painting in my kitchen for probably 15 years and I just wash it off from time to time.  I'm a little tired of painting oranges, so that's over with for now.  I cut up and ate all the veggies that I was going to paint and put them in my boiled dinner the other day.
So I'm now posting my paintings to the shop page blog, the DPW site and the Facebook Fan Page.  Actually DPW puts it on the Facebook page for me.  So the page to put your subscription email address into to see my paintings when they are posted is--go here:  Shop page.
In order to see my new website for now is to actually type it in as http://www.marypyche.com on your browser's address line.
Maybe I'll paint another candy bar tomorrow.  I didn't even realize it, but while I was busy painting today we got a foot of snow with more still coming down.  We were supposed to get 2-4 inches.

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