Saturday, November 12, 2016

Finally on the home stretch with the mural!

This past week I finished the video end wall and the area over the sales area where the DJ stand is also located.  
It's not finished in this photo.  More photos will follow later.

I started the long wall the was the original reason why this project began.  Imagine that.  
As I probably mentioned in a recent blog, I lost my original drawing and had to make another one. Basically it's a view of space with lots of planets, dragons, a castle, etc.  I started by creating a foreground area 31" up from the floor by painting a middle gray upon which I will paint rocks, valleys, mountains, cliffs, a volcano, craters, etc.  The 31" is only to get something to gauge the space by.  Next I began to work on the big dragon.  We have a big dragon there from previous mural designs and the kids always want us to keep him.  I'm making the wings and tail much bigger.  Here is the way he was before:

He will have UV paint over the colors I have painted him.  
I'm not sure how successful this will be because the UV paint 
should be painted over white to get maximum effect.
Here is where he is now but he's only half done.
I may change the shape of his tail.  I won't know until after I do the shading and put some scales on it..  You can see the gray 31" underpainting for the foreground along the bottom.
Here are some of the drawing procedures.
You can see the original wing if you look closely.

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