Saturday, October 22, 2016

Video end of the rink - wall - mirror ball

October 21, 2016
Mirror Ball
This week I concentrated on the mirror ball.  This photo was taken with the UV lights on.  The next thing will be the beams coming off the mirror ball and I found my laser level and aimed it at the wall and that will be a good way to draw my lines.  After that, I'll hit the yellow outlines here and there on the silhouettes and do a little other touch up and I'll be moving on the THE BIG EXCITING SIDE WALL!!!!  Still trying for a xmas deadline, what do you think?  Will I make it?
Stapleton Kearns
Next weekend I'll be working for three days in a workshop in Lyme CT, plein air with Stape.  This will be a challenge, watch it snow or something.  :)
Other art this week
Yesterday I made my annual pilgrimage to Cyclorama's 20th Anniversary Boston International Fine Arts Show, pretty much an annual affair for me and my friend Ed Lemay--then we had dinner at MFA and saw the current exhibit and this morning I went to the church where I used to paint portraits twice a month.  I'll be rejoining the group in November.

I also sat for my portrait this week with the wonderful Mark Hayden C.M.  It looks fantastic already!  Mark painted a portrait of my husband, George, that I appreciate every day.  I thought it would be good to have the set to pass down to Mr. Marc. In the meantime, it will be good company for George :)

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