Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New wall DELAY and revision!

What timing!  Just when I’m geared up and ready to proceed with the long wall and all the wonderful space themed artwork I have been planning for about a year, everything is going to be changed around.
We will be getting in lots of video games and other attractions.  We have been planning on the video games and even though they will be put in front of some of the artwork, it will still look ok and maybe after they are installed, I can add something around them.
We had not been planning to add large inflatables that will need to be on the main floor for maybe half of the time we are open to the public.  These are almost to the ceiling and will take up the entire width of the floor and use up about 20 feet of skating surface from the end wall towards the middle.  When they are inflated, you wouldn’t see the wall much but you would otherwise.
It has not been decided on which end exactly they will be installed.  Most likely the end where the large video screens are now.  That would mean that the video screens will move to the wall that I was just starting to paint, and where the video screens are now (an area that has been painted with the large mirror ball and cheering crowd scene) will need to be redone in some way.
The good news is that I hadn’t finished the new space wall, the bad news is that it would have been pretty darn nice!

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