Saturday, November 12, 2016

Went to Portrait Group today.

Portrait Group
I haven't been to portrait group for well over a year.  Since I always have my eye on what to do next, I have to regain my skills with regular oil painting.  I felt a little like a duck out of water last week when I attended the Stapleton Kearns workshop, realizing that I haven't worked with regular paint brushes much since I've been working on the mural.  Incidentally, while I'm painting the mural and have the opportunity to use a brush or a roller, it makes me smile.
I have been doing a few 6x6" paintings that I'll put up on DPW soon, hopefully in time for people shopping for Christmas.
Well, it felt pretty nice to be there today, very many of the people who were there before are still there, and I think I did better than I expected to do.  I have to reassess my supplies, as my brushes are in bad shape and maybe I should have two palettes going in order to do portraits one day and the 6x6"s the next.
When I was working on portraits in the studio almost 2 years ago, I was using a very large palette with A LOT of colors, and some pre-mixes so this sketch type of portrait work uses fewer colors.

If you want to read about the Stapleton Kearns workshop, go to my adventures page.  That is also where you would see my recent Italy trip.

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