Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Vertical Palette

The past couple of days I've been trying a vertical palette and there are some things about using it that I do like.  The jury is still out however.  I'm getting to an acceptable level of completeness on a portrait and then moving on to another so that I'll get through the pile at least once before the deadline--now 32 days away.

Today I received a mock up of the sign for the show and need to go back to the library and remeasure to be sure the size is correct, and I heard back from my wood guy who is making the mounting boards and he can do them, that's a relief.
 I'm also looking into doing a photo book to have as a desk reference not to sell or give away.  On BlogTalkRadio there is a episode where Carol Marine talked with Leslie about making her books and she recommended Blurb as I recall.  I'll have to listen to that show again.

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