Thursday, December 4, 2014

See Cumberbach video - wax head

How do they do it at Madam Tussaud's?

My daily work...So I've been working on my portrait project to get the 30 portraits completed by the end of January and mounted on a platform to display them at the library.  Yesterday I wrote to my local mill guy who makes my moldings for the frames I make and asked about making foundations for the project.  I would make them myself, and still may if his price is too high.  I gave him my specs and a photo of the portraits the way they would look when mounted.
I've contacted the company that does nice vinyl lettering and visited the library to see the space.  I'm beginning to get a folder together with materials for the flyers and ideas about the mounting of the project in general.  The coordinator at the library is away until Christmas and doesn't want to answer any emails--there are some questions by other artists who want to purchase their frames, etc. now.  I've found some nice sticky strips that, I hope, will hold the panels onto the larger panel and be easy to remove when the show is over and the sitters receive their portraits.

Two of my small gems sold on Daily Paintworks and I packaged them for shipment yesterday, well, I tried, one has a wet spot.

I should do another one today as it's a good way to get a quick fix--since it's small and can be completed rather quickly, I think of it as instant gratification--sometimes the only satisfaction for the day. :)

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