Monday, December 29, 2014

Two more people

I'm now taking photos to reach my goal of 30 people and have received two.  I'll get to them today in order to get a start on them.  Yesterday I painted on three others.  I'm still enjoying the Greene palette.  Today is Father George for starters.
One of the frequent other artists in the portrait project, Fran Butsavich let me know yesterday that she will not have anything to put in the show.  This is sad because it would have given a very nice drawing aspect to the show.  Fran worked in pencil, charcoal, and maybe paint while she worked with the project models and usually gave them her work.
I did get to talk with the exhibit advisor at the Merrimac Library and everything looks good as far as the requirements are concerned and the hang day will be Monday, January 26.

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