Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No painting today but yesterday

Yesterday I worked on a couple of paintings and started a third.  On Father George I was only planning to work everything but the face and when I finished with that and was happy with what was my initial attempt with the portrait except for one spot on the cheek near the crease near the nose.  I kept analyzing that spot, can I go in there and work on just that spot or will I end up doing everything over. It was kind of an all or nothing thing, I knew I wouldn't stop if I got started, and didn't want to leave it alone, so even though I did try to fix that spot, I was bitten again by the challenge to keep going.  I will be happy someday when I really can do a good job with an alla prima portrait.
Then I started on a new one from a photo.  I did the block in and then had to leave the studio and tend to other matters like doing a drawing for the lumber/wood guy about the mounting boards for the show.
I started off this morning by almost being late to the dentist, then one thing after another and I never did get into the studio, but I did do two to three hours of art related computer stuff, partly to find which photo book company to go with and watched a webinar on doing photo books. I also received a photo of one of the people who was planning to sit at the Senior Center but we just didn't get together on dates.  I am excited to get back to painting tomorrow and finish the two photo portraits.  Oh, yes, I heard from one of our models who is also an artist and she did a self-portrait and another portrait and will submit them for the show--so now we have a sitter who is also a painter.
I felt guilty about not painting today, but then I did paint on Christmas day.

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