Saturday, March 29, 2014

Paint, drop off, go to receptions

Sometimes it seems that that's what we do.  Anyway, today I painted at the Cox Reservation in Essex.  I arrived early as rain was in the forecast and painted from 9 to about 1 and it didn't rain.  Yes!
It was cold and windy however, and when I left I had to rush to get a hot soup to thaw myself out.

I dropped off another painting at Rockport Art Association to replace the one that sold.  Yes! again.
And that's where I had my soup at the coffee shop nearby.

Someone wrote to ask about buying a painting from my show up at the Rhythm Cafe.  I guess I'll have to see why they aren't informing the customers.  Maybe they are too busy.  When I was there the other day, they were very busy.

I received an email from the person who bought my Heart Candy Box painting, and she said very nice things about seeing it in person.  Yea

Tonight at 7 I'm off to a reception at Newburyport Art Association for the current show and I'm meeting a friend, Anne, who is coming along with me.

The painting I started this morning at Cox is a big one for outdoors, 18x24".  I'd send along a photo of the view, but my camera battery died.  Darn it, just now, I remembered that you can use your phone to take photos.  Da

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