Monday, March 24, 2014

No rest for the.......

Ok, I can't even think of everything I've done in the past couple of days.  OK, Thursday I finished my Red Geranium, which is still wet, tons of red paint on it, and it's supposed to be going on show tomorrow morning in Merrimac.  Friday was another framing day.  Saturday I painted a portrait which went rather well, a slight improvement for me with colors and noses, and more framing.  Sunday I brought two paintings to Newburyport for the next show while on my way to the opening reception of the Rockport show.  BIG SURPRISE!!! My painting sold in the first 1/2 hour!  I'm so pleased because the buyer is a respected connoisseur of art.  The painting is the Scraggly Sunflower. 
So afterwards I finished framing and organizing for installing the Rhythm Cafe show in the morning.

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