Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good day after all

So Rockport's show was great as usual and I spent over an hour there.  I almost wanted to pull up a chair to sit and stare at some of them (paintings in their collection).  Then I spent $100 at an art store on the way home.  Ordering online is better because you just get what you really need.
When I got home I had heard back from a couple of people about my strange changes to my website on DPW but it fixed itself somehow.  I'm sure glad I didn't spend the day home trying to figure it out.

Then I touched up some paintings and added polka dots to the sugar daddy candy bar painting, it is an improvement to that large field of plain-ness.  I'll go in and change the picture in a few minutes on some of my sites.  I did get a start on the M&M painting.  It's a bit busy and lots of brown.

Today I pick up my paintings at Newburyport Art Association as the show has ended.  I might stop in at the Grog.  My favorite bartender, Drew at Orzo, recommended someone at the Grog to me as a possible subject for the Portrait Show in September at Nbpt.  I'm getting discouraged about this portrait show because I can't find someone to paint.

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