Saturday, March 1, 2014

DPW and Weebly "my website"

I'm off to Rockport Art Association's opening weekend today because I need an outing since this arctic weather is driving me crazy.  It warmed up to 24 degrees today and is finally out of the single digits, but I'm not happy.  When I get back, I'll work on the M&Ms.

Double checking things this morning on my online pages, I discovered that when you click on 'my website' on DPW, the site (which was created with Weebly) comes up without a background image and when you click on the gallery pages, they come up with minuscule thumbnails.  Ouch!  Well, I could stay here all day and try to figure it out, but I opted to write to a few help pages to try to get answers.  Just when I thought that I had at least solved the website problems and was thinking of making another one for another business.

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