Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spilled enamel paint, Opps.

So, I'm just about finished with framing the last couple of small ones.  I wasn't going to frame them, but I guess I'm getting more compulsive or neat, whatever.  At the last minute, while painting the sides of the deep gallery wrapped small ones, I spilled some(quite a bit actually) chrome silver enamel paint right on the front surface!  Since the oil paint probably wasn't completely dry, I had to blot and wipe as best as I could.  It landed on the sky portion of a light sky area, so I tried to make it work, as if it were intentional.  I'm not loving it, but I'll put it up anyway because I need a certain number of them to make the hanging arrangement work.  I'm waiting for the fat lady to sing on this one for sure.

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