Friday, December 21, 2012

Favorite Painting at West Newbury Library

Dick Shea won this painting!
Yesterday I went to my show at the West Newbury Library Show to do the drawing for the winner of the "Vote for your Favorite Painting" drawing.  Dick Shea had the winning raffle ticket among the 88 people who were kind enough to take the time to complete a voting slip.  He won the painting which I'll post when I have more time.  It was truly a revelation to me to see what people liked.  I can't stress enough how grateful I am that they participated in this and helped me to understand how people view my work.  It is certainly upside down from what I expected, so there is something here for me to learn.  For example, only 74 voted for large paintings whereas I never expected anyone to vote for the small ones as their favorite.  Two people voted for one I wasn't even going to put in.  Even from non-voters, I heard from people who liked another small painting that I never thought anyone would like.  The only thing that I'm sure of is that the artist never knows how a work will be received. 

The top paintings by vote were:

Most votes for "Vote for My Favorite Painting"
1st. Lowell's Boat Shop

2nd place
2nd. Campobello Trees

3rd place
3rd. Stevens Coolidge Place

4th place
4th 5 Generations of Boatbuilders (Burnam's)

Waiting for Work - tied for 5th
Sunrise on Back River - tied for 5th
and a tie for 5th place between
Sunrise on Back River and
Waiting for Work.

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