Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another show hung today! Rhythm Cafe

Well, they are not photos, but any news is good news.  The Newburyport News, today.

I headed out this morning in a minor hurricane with my paintings and hung my show at the Rhythm Cafe in Merrimac MA.  They look good there, their walls are a nice celery green, a good compliment for my work.  My art student, who would have had a lesson today, couldn't get off Plum Island because it's high tide and with the storm, they closed the only road that goes out there.

I'm still working on the movie of "making frames" and it's half done.  I'm also working on a program (booklet) for this show.  I'm using WordImperfect (still) and it's really a drag.  The draft is done.  I'm also finishing a few more paintings to bring to include in this show.  I should be finished today with the four little schoolhouses and I'll frame the 2 smallest ones as they are not deep gallery wrap.

I used my new air compressor and pin nailer yesterday, I like it a lot.

I realized today that I'm missing a bag of stuff, picture hangers, business cards and holder, plastic sign holders, who knows what else (from my last show, guess I left it behind).

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