Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ready again for the last long wall.

Before I start, I'm looking into vinyl signs for those skater logos that I can glue to the outside wall.  Still trying to figure that one out.

It is settled that one large video screen will be close to the middle of that wall.
View of the long wall now.  Three things are on it, a space station, a castle, and a dragon.
I am glad about that because two screens would take up most of the space (you can see part of one of the screens to the far right of this photo) and make any real sense of a space design fairly impossible to achieve.  This center screen will cover the beloved castle (which looks like a dot on that wall on this picture) that has been a element of that wall through a few other renovations, but I'm going to move it and use it again!  The decision of where to put it took a while, but at least it can be squeezed in.
I did a quick loose drawing and colored it in with markers, not the best for actual colors or values, but it's something I can go by.

  • The dragon, whose wing looks like a purple smoke stack, is breathing fire
  • To the left of the screen you can make out some lightning
  • Beside the lightning is the castle
  • The old space station is visible at the far left.  It blocks out the planets I'm trying to feature.

There is a space station left over from the previous design that I was thinking of keeping, but now I'm not that sure.

So I traced the present castle and will transfer that drawing to the new location.

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