Thursday, December 8, 2016

Last wall - this week's work

Sunday night
Met with Marc and figured out the positioning of the video screen and the size. 

Resized the video screen after painting the first coat of primer because it was smaller than ideal.
The ratio must be 9:15 and now the new size is somewhere around 10 x 20.  So I measured, taped, put on two coats of primer. and did some positioning of the graphic design on the wall.

Put one final paint coat on the screen, but it needs another coat.
Put up more underpainting and designing of the first section of the wall mural.
There is a large planet with a small planet at it's edge and an orange circular explosion thing.
The shape of the hills below have been changed somewhat.

Final coats on the video screen and more underpainting of the mural design.
Put the final coat on the screen, so 2 primer coats and 2 top coats.
Did more redesigning of the first section of the wall mural and more underpainting.
Washed a section of the first end wall that I had painted last spring where a bench had been and is now removed.  The section under the bench is now revealed and 80' was scrubbed, washed, and painted.
More touch-up paint in that area.
Some of this original design will be covered by large video redemption game machines in another month or so.
After bench was removed, wall was washed

Wall was painted purple.  Floor in  this area will have blue urethane floor with green UV chips.

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