Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sorolla (a gift) and where I am now on the wall

Here is a beautiful show of paintings of Sorolla which I'm sending as a little Christmas token.

I've stopped for the holidays and my vacation cruise and pushed to leave it in some sort of respectable shape for the customers who come during the Christmas school vacation.  The underpainting, except for the bottom area of the dunes which will have rocks and maybe Martians, is almost done and the UV paint is done on the right end of this section.  I had to put the staging away so some highest points are not completed. I am anxious to return and paint UV on the dragon and paint the flames he's breathing out.  Painting flames with transparent paints is what makes flames look so good, but this UV paint is not transparent which presents some serious challenges.
Progress as of end of December 2016

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