Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Working from right to left on long wall

This week I did a couple more primer coats on the dragon's fire and primed the first couple of things along this long wall.  I wanted to start to paint the UV paint on the dragon's fire but realized just in time that if I did that then the only thing that would show up with the blacklights on during a session this weekend would be the dragon's fire but you wouldn't see where it was coming from, so in order to paint the flames I first need to paint the dragon.  In light of this, I decided to start on the right and move towards the left finishing approximately 30 feet at a time.
Meanwhile Marc worked on the new area for video games and birthdays.  He had to grind the cement where the bench had been (remember from my previous blog that we tore down the bench).  There was a lot of work involved, even putting down the new urethane coating was harder than usual due to it being thicker and harder to apply.  There are UV chips sprinkled on top.
Bench was were the blue is since that section needed two coats of urethane.
This is the finished beautiful new floor with the UV chips in it.
When I came in the next morning after the grinding, there was tons of very fine dust all over the main floor (and everything else most likely) I had to dry mop it twice and wet mop it finally to get it up.
Here you can see the cement dust where I didn't clean it up.
Primer coat is the white in this area.
First thing this morning (Wednesday) I unloaded my carts and reorganized everything.  Over the past 9 months I've worked with these carts and everything was helter skelter.  I managed to return some paints and materials to storage since I'm on the home stretch now and can thin out my inventory.
Beginning to paint with blacklight (UV) paint on the planet.  In this photo both the
white lights and the UV lights are on.

In this photo only the blacklights are on.  My camera doesn't take the best pictures.

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