Friday, January 10, 2014

Necco Wafers, an ode to my granddad

When I was little and went to visit my grandparents, my granddad would meet me at the door with a big kiss and when I was leaving, he would give me a quarter and a Necco Wafer candy bar.  When he died (many years ago), I had the florist make up a bouquet that were Necco Wafer candy bars attached to sticks, so they looked like Cat-in-9-Tail Grass Plants.

Necco Wafers 6x6
So this was #2 of the Candy Bar Series.  #3 is Reeses Peanutbuttter Cup (in the works) and #4 is a heart-shaped box of candy as in Valentine's Day (in the works).  #5 will be a commission for the Choco-Lite candy bar.

Tomorrow is painting the portrait from the model day and the next day I fly to Florida for a couple of days.

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  1. Mary, I just discovered your blog. It's very nice, I signed up for it. I know Vicky and some of our other classmates from the days at the Museum School will want to sign up too. Not that I'm in touch with that many. I miss teaching and the friends that I made, and I also miss going to the MFA regularly. It gives me a thrill to see you painting and doing so well. Joel Babb