Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another day online

About another 8 hours in front of the computer.  Now I'm brain dead.  I do it because I love it, or is it an excuse not to paint? 
I always can't resist wanting to "get busy" with the site when my desire and intention is to keep it very simple.  I just can't resist playing with all the gadgets.
First thing this morning, I went to a site that I built at the beginning of the year last year (which I never published) and took out all the gatzie stuff because it was awful.  Now it doesn't look that bad.  I spent weeks on that one.  I thought, "What took me so long to make this?"  It's always easy after you know what you're doing.  So I used to make them with html code, then I learned about three different software packages, maybe more.
I have to streamline my fees for paying for domain names and sites, etc.

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