Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fun with Carol, then it disappeared!

After Carol Marine
Lately I've been working with my student on quick copies of Carol Marine's paintings.  This project is working well with my student who is improving by leaps and bounds.  I almost can't tell our paintings apart on this particular one.  I was working on a piece of plywood that I didn't gesso enough and the paint sunk in a lot, so I used my latest trick of putting on the Galkyd medium to seal it and should I want to do any more painting on it, it should paint well.

This painting--gone but not forgotten.  I have tiled my kitchen walls between the counters and the upper cabinets with small paintings by using strong commercial strength velcro buttons on the backs of small paintings, usually 6x6".  I was placing this little painting here and there to see how it would look and "BAM"--IT SLIPPED DOWN BETWEEN THE WALL AND THE LOWER CABINET.  There was a tiny gap in this spot that allowed the 1/4" panel to fall down between the backsplash and the wall.  Someone many years in the future will find it.  I think that the Galkyd would preserve it except that I only put in on one side.

Today's project is to calk any small gaps like that so it won't happen again.  While I'm in carpenter mode, I'm going to make a panel holder to use on my easel while painting these small panels.

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