Monday, November 24, 2014

The day begins...

So here are the many aspects of daily painting.  Well, for today anyway.  Where is the fun?  It's in the problem solving.  Do I paint the object?  No usually it's the colors or patterns of light and shade that attract me.

First, go up to studio, turn on heat, find item to paint.

Second, Get a blanket to cover my lap--it's the end of November. Why didn't I think of this before?  Because I usually stand.

Third.  Figure out composition for object.  I grid off a large(ish) piece of glass into about 10 squares and use each square to compose, using a wipe-off marker, move object around, move light around, decide on favorite.  Take photos, decide on favorite lighting aspect, background, coloration, lights and darks, etc.

Fourth.  Decide on square or rectangle, put out paints, convert camera photo to computer jpg.

Fifth.  Ready, set, go.  Paint from sketch, photo and most especially the actual item.

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