Monday, November 3, 2014

Starting to edit portraits

I'm a little sad to realize that I'm only 2/3s the way through, seeing that I need another 8 portraits to reach the 30 I want to do.  I did some inventory yesterday and collected the ones I've done so far and took rough photos of them so I can access which ones I'll start to edit first.  Funny that I'm using computer lingo lately for art processes.  I could start with the ones that need the most work, that seems like a plan.  Or I could take a few that have the same 'tone' and work on them simultaneously.
Since my husband now needs constant monitoring, I'm wondering if I should create a studio in the room next to his and try to keep the fumes down.  A friend came over and helped me install an iCam that would allow me to watch him on a monitor.  My husband even said he would agree to use a cow bell so I would know when he is getting up.  I kind of like that one.
I have cancelled my art student temporarily and she is traveling also, so I won't see her for about 3 months.  This will encourage me to clean and reorganize my presentation space downstairs where I have been using it for studio space with my student.  That will feel rally good and then I'll know what end is up (where all my stored paintings are).
I also have to do a self-portrait and one of my husband to add to the project paintings.  I also have to set up a time table to get everything accomplished in time for the show at the end of January.  It's not far off considering what needs to be done.
Here is a collage of the work that has been done before the edits begin.  Total painting time over the 3 hour sitting is 2 hrs, so each painting was painted in a 2-hour painting session.

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