Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ready for studio painting--Yea!

 I spent the past three days lugging stuff from my downstairs (which used to be my presentation space, and is now again) to my studio upstairs.  I must have made at least thirty, maybe more, trips up three flights of steps and down again and carried hundreds of pounds of art related materials.  All this because for two years I've held my art class there.  I cancelled the class for three months (at least) for now because of my husband's health and having to either stay in his room with him, pay a caregiver, or if he's having a good day, I sneak out of the room.  Today I'm getting a baby monitor.   So now all that stuff is in my studio space and has been sorted out and put away.  My house is seriously top heavy.  If I teach again, the area will have to be left the way we found it.  I'll use my portable setup as I do when I paint outside.  
Its so therapeutic to be organized.  Usually this is the time of year when I try to complete all the paintings that were unfinished during the plein air season and post work to the totally wonderful Daily Paintworks site. Carol and David Marine have done and continue to do the most wonderful job of building that site and advertising and allowing artists to promote their work.  Be sure to check out Carol's new book.
Although my portrait project will come first, I can 'warm-up' on those paintings that need to be completed that are in the "need to be completed" pile!  
My Studio Space 28x32'
Somehow this photo doesn't begin to show how much stuff is tucked into every nook and cranny.  

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