Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ripples on water

Today I put ripples on the water of a painting I have already put up on DPW's site, but guess what, I can go in and exchange the old one for the new one.  This is good to know because sometimes I'm almost finished and miss a day of posting because I don't put one up.  It's a good idea to only put one up per day, so this is a good solution.

Today I also worked on and almost finished a foggy marsh painting started on a rainy day in Canada.

I've been asked to be the Artist of the Month for August at the Merrimac Library, and I had an idea to do a project while I'm there, but it has to pass approval, and it may not, so I won't tell you what it is. :>)

Tonight I'm going to a friend's art reception and WINE TASTING.  That sounds like fun!

Saturday is portrait day and I want to work on a 12x12" format to see if I like it.

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