Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Canadian Marsh and more

Canadian Marsh on a Rainy Day 8x10" oil on gessoed masonte
After a couple of years, I took this painting out to paint over it and brought it to a group painting event.  People liked it and said, "Work on it some more, don't paint over it."  So I did.  I added the tree and made the flood bigger.  It does capture the weather conditions and has a sense of solitude.  I was painting under an umbrella at first but then moved to one of those shelter buildings they have on park properties.
Pond Painting with ripples added.
You may remember this from about a week ago, I added the ripples I guess I'm in my lively attitude lately, brightening everything up, maybe because Spring has finally arrived.
John Greenlief Whittier Birthplace

I brought this painting to the Rhythm Cafe yesterday to replace a painting that was sold.

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