Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mad Monday

The Mary's Mondays (where I teach skating in the evening) was cancelled in favor of a private party so I got to go to Mark's Mondays (Mark Hayden's evening portrait group).  He posed, so this is the second attempt to paint him.  He's the one who says I'm afraid of the dark, and I think I did better with the darks here.
I wish I could find my first version of this portrait for comparison's sake.  It was a lot different and there were aspects of that one that I liked better.
 I also worked again (pretty much all day long) on the Red Lily painting where I'm trying to catch the glow of the sunlight on these flowers in my garden.  This is probably the forth day on this painting.

I'm trying to keep it lose but the main flower is such a challenge because of all the colors, thankfully, the background is easier to interpret in a lose way.  I'm finding that the supporting flowers are really beautiful as well and I'm managing to keep them in the background although they too are gorgeous in their own right.

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