Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stage Fort Park

I went to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester today to finish a painting I had started many years ago.  When I went there that first time, it was my first time meeting David Curtis.  Today I was more or less celebrating all the years I've worked with him on plein air painting.  Today I had finished my painting and was leaving before I ran into David.  Admittedly I started early and was finishing up early (explaining why I was finished before David got around to me).  So David made comments on today's work and also I brought along a few flower paintings I've been working on for his critique.  Regarding yesterday's Scraggly Sunflower painting, he advised me to lighten the sky in order to help to emphasize the yellow more (too many intense colors take away from each other).  Well, the really funny thing about that sky business is that while I was painting it, I could hear his voice telling me, as he usually does, to make the sky darker.  ha ha.  I do understand why in this case.
Then I headed up to Wells, Maine for a lecture on empathy at the The George Marshall Store Gallery.

Realizing Empathy: An Inquiry into the Meaning of Making
A presentation by Seung Chan Lim

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