Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Student's progress

Underpainting for 1st anniversary painting.

Wow, my student is going crazy.  Well, in a good way.  She has been taking lessons for one year and we decided that she would do an anniversary painting.  What is that?  Well, before she came to me she had done a couple of paintings, and one of them was of this photo.  So I asked her NOT to look at the original painting she had done of this subject, and using the methods she has learned, paint it again each year to gauge her progress.  I don't know how long it took her to do her original painting, but this represents only about 1 hour of work.  She is a very speedy painter.  I don't remember her original painting, but I'm anxious to see the comparison when this one is completed. 
I have had some people inquire about lessons, but they never show up.  I understand that everyone lives busy lives these days and it's hard to set time aside to pursue personal goals even if you are retired.  You know what they say about retirement...  You are busier now than before and you wonder how you ever did anything when you were working...or something like that. :)

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