Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stapleton Kearns does Hibbard

Elaine Hibbard Clark, Stapleton Kearns
Tuesday I attended the gallery walk and talk by Stapleton Kearns at the Rockport Art Association.  About 50 of us were glued to his every word as he pointed out many important facts about Hibbard's painting career and his unparalleled technique.  Aldro's daughter, Elaine, attended and added interesting anecdotes.  Stapleton had many very informative things to say about these stupendous works, and there are many more paintings hung than anyone would expect to see.  The pieces were gathered from all over the country from museums, galleries and collectors--an unusual outpouring of genuine consideration on their part to honor Hibbard's life's work as well as acknowledge the RAA's 91st Anniversary year.

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