Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Painting Day Off

Wow, today I'm doing lots of administrative and logistical things to prepare for my upcoming shows, and I see that the swans are having flight training outside my back door (I live on the water where they live.).  The parents teach the babies to fly so when it freezes over, they all fly away until there is the smallest unfrozen spot, then they are back!
I was up last night until 1:45 a.m. taking photos of paintings for the Arlington solo show that I need to make up post cards, do my web update, inventory, etc.  So today I'll be on the computer most of the day, and tomorrow I suspect.  Maybe I'll paint a little tonight.  You have to do the photography at night so the room will be dark and only the special lights with the white umbrellas are lighting the subject.  Photos of the work are never perfect, but I try.
I also met yesterday with the West Newbury Library about that solo show for November and December.  I have painted several scenes of that town common and other area spots of interest between here and Cape Ann which I think everyone will enjoy. 

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