Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lost in the Details

I've been on the computer for three days straight.  I've updated my web site that is very old and added a page for the upcoming solo show Bear Hill Road in Arlington MA at the Cutter House Gallery.  What I really want to do is build a totally new web site with software I've had now for a while, but it takes so much time away from painting.  I've also thought of just going with FASO, an easy to work with on-line software, but I guess I love the challenge of doing it myself.  It's the challenge that compels me to paint too.  Of course, before the web site work, pictures were taken and uploaded and adjusted.  I didn't do a good job of resizing them because they are taking too long to load on the web page.  I had to make lists of the paintings, their sizes, try to figure out the prices.  I'm waiting right now to hear back from the gallery about what their percentage fee is before I can post the prices.  I heard from my lumber mill and I can pick up the molding on Monday, then start the framing work.  I hope I sell enough paintings to pay for the lumber.  Now today I'll update my inventory list and varnish some paintings.

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