Sunday, October 16, 2011

How about true confessions?

I'm doing this blog to force myself to confess daily what ART I've done that day.  I'm working daily these days and can't promise myself a daily painting, well, I could, but probably won't.  I don't really want to put myself in that tight a routine yet, and it might happen as a result of my work ethic, but I'm cleaning up old promises to myself and others.  I'm painting every day, sometimes all day, and like the walking regiment I started over a year ago, I'm letting myself do it without "pushing" myself too hard.  I'm somewhat compulsive or competitive and when I push too much, too fast, it gets overwhelming and I stop.  I found with walking that I do what I can, I enjoy it, then I keep doing it. 

There is a lot of art related work that I have on my plate, and I'm going to chip away at it, like teach art (which requires lots of preparation that I need to do), fix my web site (which requires tons of time on the computer), bookkeeping my art (which requires setting up systems to record everything, like deadlines, sold work, photographing work, organizing materials, flyers, etc.) get ready for shows (which requires all the the previous plus producing work that is cohesive--I have 2 shows in the works).

Today I'm delivering 2 pieces of art to Newburyport Art Association for entry into the juried show, Part II, which is not for oil painting so I'll put in a mixed media piece and a photography piece.  The photography piece was rejected at Newburyport a year ago, but it received an "Honorable Mention" at the Rockport Contributors Show shortly afterwards.  Was I surprised?  I was just hoping it would get in!

I've been working on a painting that I sold last week that needed a little more work, and yesterday I completed it, framed, wired, etc. and took a photo.  It's the West Quoddy Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine.  Yesterday I also worked on a painting of the public common and pump in West Newbury, Mass.  This one is for Priscilla Flynn.  I did drawings and gouache studies and she picked one and her friend, Ted, picked another, so I'll do both of them and see which one they take.


  1. The background photo is pretty cool, Mary. Did you take it or is it a blogger background?

    It sounds like you're getting very organized, which I find inspiring. So, I'd better go get organized myself! Wishing you great success!