Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Piggy

I bought this pig a long time ago and just never got around to painting it.  I enjoyed doing this little painting, its rough really, just a sketch, but now I know that it is fun to paint it and I'll do another one.  I did it today during the class with my art student and the lesson was about using fewer strokes.  Neither one of us could remember to count our strokes, but it helps to do this to slow down and put the stroke where it belongs as well as loading the brush and putting down the paint.
The student's subject was the vase of flowers--these photos are my paintings of it after she left.  I wanted to go over the lesson with her subject to "see it from her perspective" more or less.  I'm using alkyd oil paints which dry faster than regular oil paints but they don't seem to have the same intensity as regular oils.  I guess I was in a painting mood today. 
I've been struggling with portraits for so long now that a quick still life was a joy.
The student who didn't think she would be able to paint flowers, did a very good job.  She is trying to learn to slow down and lay on the paint--just see the shapes and values.

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