Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Uncertainty prevails

George with very happy face
I've been thinking a lot about the very large portrait that I've been planning.  Something is not right about it.  I thought, "well, I'll do a bunch of studies of his face first", then it occurred to me that what I was planning to paint originally is more of an interior painting than a portrait painting.  So now what?  I guess I'll go ahead and work on some "heads" while I'm trying to sort it out.  If I do a traditional portrait, why do one as the bartender when that was a short section of his life, so now I'll examine the type of, what attitude? that the painting should have.  I do have 150 photos of him from last week as the bartender.  This funny face is from last November at one of my art events.  I don't have many photos of him as a younger man that I can recall.  In the meantime, I'm back to studying my web building software and experimenting with that.  My mind is never far away from this portrait process, and my art student is wrapping up her first course with me this week.  I'll have to work on the next syllabus while she is away on vacation for two weeks. 

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