Monday, January 14, 2013

Door closed for now

The next phase of finishing this painting will be the outside edges which are interior areas of the doorway.  Until I can find a similar situation as a reference, I won't be able to create believable shadows, values, etc.  The door, for example would not be this white even though I have not painted it white.  The original drawing was done from my previous home's entrance door area and the perspective for the entire piece is set at standing 4 feet away.  The relative shading for the interior of the doorway is probably OK even though I would not have the warm cast to it--the carpeting leading to that door is beige, just as this carpeting is beige which I would keep.  I almost like the idea of having the lighting reflect that there could be a center overhead light similar to what you see here.  Not sure yet about that.  So for now, I'll put this away until I can find a good reference.  I did quite a lot to it, the door, the area around the door, finishing touches to the rest of it.

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