Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tulips for my dining room

9x12" Tulips - Eternal Spring

I finished this painting today so I could hang a small group of paintings of my collected works in my dining room.  I discovered that it is difficult to have a room with a number of paintings all about the same small size. I purchased a painting of Qiang Huang during a workshop I did with him down in Newport RI last year and in order to balance it in the grouping, I decided to put my painting there as well.  I also discovered that while hanging a lot of paintings together the frames are a big statement and must work well together so I ordered the same frame for my painting (above) and Qiang's as they both have this dark background.  I love this guy.  I receive his blog by subscription and enjoy his daily comments almost as much as I do Robert Genn's.  Check out his work.  Qiang Huang pronounced Chong Wong.  I'll frame and hang tomorrow and show you how it looks.

FYI, my painting classes start next month, so be sure to phone or email if you are interested.

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