Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hanging day, seeing my style.

I'm working on framing the last thing in order to hang everything.  Unfortunately, I had to make three runs, so far, to the lumber yard to get the framing materials for the triptych.  I need that one hung first as it's the largest thing on that wall.

I want to divulge that it was a telling moment when I sorted all my work and was taken aback that as a whole it didn't look like I thought it would.  They always talk about "style", a person's painting style.  When you see a couple of paintings at a time you don't notice it much, that overall style people talk about, some are different from one another: but as a whole, it's obvious.  Maybe it's like seeing a photograph of yourself someone else took that you didn't know about, and you didn't immediately recognize yourself.   Anyway, what I saw was that it was more colorful than I thought I was and somehow unsettling as I am working to have a looser style which I haven't achieved yet.  This is a a good thing, seeing everything together, now I can move forward on a steadier course.

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