Monday, February 20, 2012

Double Trouble, how to fix it?

I have a large 36x36" contemporary painting that is a series of 8x8" stretched canvases, done in the style of "Pollock" in acrylic and enamels and fixed/glued to a painted sheet of masonite and framed with a floating frame.  The glue gave way, and I am trying to re-glue it.  An electrician friend thought I should use liquid nails.  So I tried it.  The glue didn't dry clear and I had to use a razor sharp brush to reach into the slight space to paint the white glue the same color as the background of the mounted board.  After all this, the glue didn't hold!  I think it was the glue that failed because some of it adhered to the frame and some to the masonite.  What to do?  It's only 1/8" masonite so screwing it from the back wouldn't give the screw much to grab on to.  Another friend thinks Gorilla Glue would work.  If I screw in along the edge from the front, which would certainly hold everything together, I'd have to add a strip of wood over that margin to cover the screws--a last resort.  What do you think?

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